Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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abate to become less in amount or intensity.
aseptic free of bacteria or germs that cause disease or decay.
comradeship friendship based on shared or group activities or interests.
cuisine a particular type of cooking, especially that of a particular region, or the food in general that is prepared in this way.
euphony a pleasing, harmonious quality of sounds, especially words.
extradition the legal transfer of a fugitive from one state or jurisdiction to another where he or she is to be tried or imprisoned.
frolicsome full of high spirits, gaiety, or merriment; playful.
infidel one who does not believe in or accept a religious faith, especially that of Christianity or Islam.
innuendo an indirect and usually derogatory hint, allusion, or insinuation.
leer to give a sideways or nasty look or smile suggestive of malicious or sexual thoughts.
liaison a communication link between groups or between parts of an organization, or a person or group that performs this function.
manifold abundant and varied.
preoccupy to absorb the entire time or attention of.
uncharted not recorded on any map; unexplored or unknown, as some geographical area or field of research.
vindicate to free from an accusation, suspicion, or doubt by indisputable proof.