Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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anomalous differing from the norm, standard, or common type or rule; abnormal.
appease to cause to become calmer by meeting demands.
chaste not having committed fornication or adultery.
conniption (informal) an outburst or fit of anger, hysteria, or the like.
impassive not having, showing, or responding to emotion; unfeeling, expressionless, or insensitive.
lewd characterized by vulgarity or offensively explicit sexual references; bawdy.
melodrama behavior or events, in reality or fiction, with similarly exaggerated features or effects.
oratory1 the art of public speaking.
pirouette a ballet movement involving a rapid rotation of the body upon the toes or foot.
prepossess to inspire or impress favorably beforehand.
prude someone who is extremely or overly concerned with modesty or proper conduct, speech, dress, or the like.
soliloquy an act of talking or a speech by one who is, or is considered to be, alone.
superficial of, pertaining to, or located on the surface.
undulate to move in waves or a wavelike motion.
unobservable not able to be seen; not detectable.