Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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abridgment the process or an instance of making shorter or condensing.
agnostic one who believes it is impossible to know anything about the existence or nonexistence of God or about the essential nature of things beyond the material universe.
inexplicable unable to be explained or interpreted.
infallible incapable of error.
magnanimity generosity or willingness to forgive.
ominous giving a sign of future evil or trouble.
palpable easy to sense or perceive; obvious.
precipitous very steep or sudden; rising or dropping abruptly.
spate a sudden rush, outpouring, or flood.
stark in all respects; total; extreme.
suborn to induce (someone) to commit a crime or other corrupt deed.
subterfuge a stratagem or artifice used to hide, avoid, or deceive.
temperance habitual moderation in the use of alcoholic drink, or complete abstinence.
visage the face of a person, statue, or the like, especially in regard to its appearance or expression.
vogue a popular fashion or style.