Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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annuity a regular yearly income paid at fixed intervals and produced by money invested or by an insurance contract.
cordon a chain of guards or military stations forming a defense or containment line around an area.
dispel to scatter or drive away in all directions.
dogmatic asserting beliefs and opinions as though they were proven facts.
dross anything that is worthless or useless; rubbish.
erroneous containing or based on a mistake; incorrect.
juncture a particular point in time, especially a point of serious importance or crisis.
monotony tiresome lack of variation.
pathological afflicted with or caused by a physical or especially a mental disorder.
protagonist the leading character in a literary work.
reimburse to pay back for (expenses or losses incurred).
squalid dirty or foul, as from neglect.
subversive tending or intended to undermine or cause the overthrow of an established authority, especially a national government.
temperamental changeable as to mood, nature, operability, or the like; unpredictable.
zenith the highest point; peak.