Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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agitation the condition of being disturbed, anxious, or upset.
azure the color of a clear blue sky.
desist to stop acting in a certain way.
disuse the state or condition of not being used or practiced any longer.
dulcet pleasing to the ear; melodious.
intractable not easily controlled, managed, or persuaded.
inveterate persisting in a habit, action, feeling, or the like.
missive a message in writing; letter.
peccadillo a minor sin or offense, or a slight fault.
skirmish a minor or preliminary battle between small military units.
sully to make dirty or tarnished.
swathe to wrap up, enfold, or bind, especially with a wrapping material or bands.
theocracy a form of government in which a god or gods are acknowledged as the ultimate authority.
trove a collection of valuable or desirable things.
voluminous having or characterized by great size or quantity.