Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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academician one who belongs to an organization or institution that promotes learning.
anathema something or someone despised or cursed.
codicil an addition or appendix, especially one modifying the terms of a will.
diverge to extend or move away in different directions from a common point.
hitherto until this time; previously.
indisposed slightly and temporarily ill, as with indigestion or a cold.
interlude a pause, space, or event that intervenes; interval.
intonation the pattern of changes in pitch of the speaking or singing voice.
magnate someone of exceptional power, wealth, or influence, especially in business.
progression the act of moving forward or onward.
prudent showing good judgment and caution; sensible.
rambunctious wildly or uncontrollably active; difficult to control; boisterous.
remonstrance the act or an instance of protesting or objecting.
solicit to try to obtain (business, recruits, donations, help, or the like) by persuasion, formal request, or pleading.
ulterior beyond or excluded from what is openly admitted or shown, especially when concealed for the purposes of deception.