Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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accolade an expression or mark of approval; honor; award.
affluent having a lot of money; rich; wealthy.
chasm a deep crack in the earth's surface.
combatant someone or something that engages in fighting, especially as part of warfare.
dissonant not in harmony or agreement; discordant.
equestrian of or relating to horseback riding.
meander to wind back and forth.
mendacious untruthful.
profane irreverent or irreligious; blasphemous.
promenade a leisurely walk, especially in a public place.
psychiatrist a medical doctor who treats people with mental and emotional illnesses.
regent one who governs in place of a disabled or underage ruler.
sedative causing tranquillity or calmness.
uncharacteristic not typical of a particular person, group, or thing, and therefore notable.