Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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annals a chronological record of events, usually year by year.
canvass to conduct a survey of; poll.
codicil an addition or appendix, especially one modifying the terms of a will.
contemptible deserving of scorn or moral disgust; disgraceful; dishonorable.
depose to deprive of rank or office, especially from an important position such as that of king.
embody to put in a form that can be seen; make real.
flail to cause to move wildly.
forthcoming about to appear or happen.
odorous having or giving off a distinctive or strong smell.
onerous unwanted, unpleasant, and burdensome.
petite of a girl or woman, short and slender.
pollinate to move or carry pollen to a plant, causing the seeds to be fertilized.
sanctify to make sacred or holy; consecrate.
transcendent going beyond the ordinary; surpassing; extraordinary.
unexceptionable without flaw or fault; beyond objection or criticism.