Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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epithet a word or phrase attached to, or used in place of, a given name.
exorbitant exceeding the bounds of what is reasonable, fair, or proper; immoderate.
gaffe a crude social error; blunder; faux pas.
incarnate having bodily form; personified.
inconsistency an instance of contradiction or illogic.
junta a small group, often of military officers, acting as the rulers of a nation, especially provisionally after the overthrow of a previous government.
kindred a group of related people, such as a tribe or clan.
odious provoking or deserving of hatred; loathsome or repellent.
recommence to begin or start again.
suffice to meet the needs, goals, or the like of; be adequate for.
tolerable capable of being put up with or endured.
transgression the act or an instance of violating a law, religious commandment, or the like; sin; crime; trespass.
uproarious causing loud or uncontrollable laughter; hilarious.
vindictive desirous of revenge; vengeful.