Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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acrimonious filled with bitterness or rancor.
apparition a ghostly image; phantom; specter.
consequential coming after as an outcome or result.
dissuade to urge or convince not to do something.
docile obedient and easy to manage.
fickle quickly changing without reason or warning, especially in affection or allegiance; variable or capricious.
gauche deficient in manners or other conventions of social behavior; boorish; crude.
implacable not to be pacified or diverted; unappeasable or inexorable.
lampoon an attack through ridicule, as in an essay, cartoon, or comedy; satire.
mote a fine particle of dust; speck.
natty (informal) neat, well-groomed, and smartly dressed; dapper.
profiteer a person who gains excessive profits, especially by selling scarce commodities at very high prices.
prudent showing good judgment and caution; sensible.
realist a person who tends to see or present things as they actually are.
wean to cause to be free of a habit, activity, or the like, often by means of a distraction or substitute.