Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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albeit notwithstanding; even though.
anonymous having an unknown name or identity.
epilogue a short concluding section to a literary work, often summarizing what later becomes of the characters.
farce anything improbable, absurd, or empty of meaning; mockery; sham.
foray a quick raid or sudden advance, usually military and often to take forage or plunder.
hegemony predominance of one country or social group over others by virtue of leadership or influence.
intermittent alternately stopping and starting with pauses in between.
magnate someone of exceptional power, wealth, or influence, especially in business.
outstrip to exceed or surpass.
potable fit for drinking.
raucous loud, sharp, and rasping, as, at times, a bird's call or a human's voice or laugh.
rebuff to reject, repel, block, or set back.
resonance ability to make a strong or lasting effect, especially because of an emotional association.
secretive tending to secrecy.
uncomplicated not difficult to understand or deal with; simple; straightforward.