Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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chaste not having committed fornication or adultery.
delicacy something delightful or rare, especially food.
designate to choose for a particular job or purpose.
disperse to drive away in all directions; scatter.
genteel displaying traits such as refinement and politeness that are traditionally associated with wealth and education.
incongruity the condition of being inappropriate or inconsistent.
ingrate an ungrateful person.
kindred a group of related people, such as a tribe or clan.
laud to praise.
obligatory required; compulsory.
panache a confidently stylish, dashing, or flamboyant manner.
pirouette a ballet movement involving a rapid rotation of the body upon the toes or foot.
readjust to adapt oneself anew.
trajectory the actual or expected path of a moving object, especially the curve followed by a projectile, missile, or spacecraft in flight.
unguided without someone to lead or escort.