Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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consequential coming after as an outcome or result.
deference respect for and submission to the desires, opinions, or judgments of another.
dehumanize to deprive of individuality, spirit, or other human qualities; render routine or mechanical.
delude to cause to hold a false belief; mislead; deceive.
emaciate to waste away the flesh of, usually by starvation or disease; make extremely thin.
fictitious intended to deceive; not genuine; imaginary.
grandiloquence speech that is pretentious, pompous, or excessively mannered.
incontrovertible not able to be questioned or disputed.
indiscretion lack of judgment, prudence, or restraint, especially in regard to the rights or feelings of other people.
nonchalance cool confidence and unconcern; casual indifference.
overweening particularly forward, vain, and self-promoting.
query a question.
rectify to put right or correct (a bad situation, injustice, or the like); remedy.
repast a meal, or the food eaten at a meal.
secretive tending to secrecy.