Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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allude to mention (usually followed by "to").
antiquate to make obsolete or old-fashioned.
conniption (informal) an outburst or fit of anger, hysteria, or the like.
contraband goods banned by law from being imported or exported.
desist to stop acting in a certain way.
emboss to decorate the surface of with a raised design.
exude to emit or give off from, or as if from, the pores of the skin.
fecund capable of producing abundant fruit or offspring; fruitful; fertile.
foretaste a partial, advance experience or realization of something that will come or happen in the future.
malleable capable of being shaped, as by hammering or rolling.
retard to cause (growth, development, or the like) to be slow or incomplete; stunt.
scourge someone or something that inflicts punishment or causes suffering or destruction.
sedative causing tranquillity or calmness.
subsume to classify, consider, or include (an idea, proposition, or the like) in a more comprehensive or general category or principle.
vaporize to cause to become or diffuse as a vapor or gas; atomize; evaporate.