Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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amalgamate to combine or blend into a single unit.
clairvoyant possessing the ability to see or know things that are beyond the five senses.
deferential respectfully submissive to the desires, opinions, or judgments of others.
dexterity grace and easy quickness in using the hands or body; skill.
dirge a song or hymn for a funeral or memorial for the dead.
distill to subject (a substance) to heat to the point of vaporization, and then to cooling to produce condensation.
dole to deal out or distribute (food, money, or the like) in small amounts to needy people (usually followed by "out").
embellishment a beautifying decoration or addition.
euphony a pleasing, harmonious quality of sounds, especially words.
fester to become filled with pus; become infected.
fragility the condition of being delicate and easily broken.
impasse a situation that allows no escape or solution; stalemate.
profiteer a person who gains excessive profits, especially by selling scarce commodities at very high prices.
revitalize to give fresh life, vigor, or vitality to.
virtuoso a person who demonstrates exceptional ability, style, or skill, especially in music.