Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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alcove a partly enclosed area of a room.
deviate to turn away from a direct course or one that has already been set.
ecclesiastical of or related to the church and clergy.
entity anything that exists objectively and distinctly, whether nonliving or living; thing or being.
euphony a pleasing, harmonious quality of sounds, especially words.
facet one of the small, flat, polished surfaces of a cut gem.
indefatigable persisting tirelessly; untiring.
interplay the action or influence of two or more things on each other; reciprocal effect.
intolerant not able or not willing to accept different opinions, beliefs, customs, or people; not tolerant.
microcosm a small, complete whole; tiny world.
prospectus a written description or summary of a proposed project.
quaff to drink, especially deeply and with obvious enjoyment.
subversive tending or intended to undermine or cause the overthrow of an established authority, especially a national government.
succor help or relief given in time of need.
unseemly not in accord with accepted social standards; improper; indecorous.