Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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annals a chronological record of events, usually year by year.
celestial of or pertaining to the sky or outer space.
churl a rude or vulgar person.
delineate to describe or portray in precise or vivid detail.
derogatory having the purpose or effect of detracting; disparaging.
dialectical of or using logical analysis or argument that reveals and resolves opposing ideas or contradictions.
disenfranchise to deprive (someone) of a right of citizenship, especially the right to vote.
elliptical tending toward or characterized by an economy of expression that creates ambiguity or obscurity, often purposefully.
malignant meant to cause harm; evil.
melodrama behavior or events, in reality or fiction, with similarly exaggerated features or effects.
posit to propose or suggest as an account of something or as a contribution to an understanding of something.
protuberance that which projects; bulge or bump.
reciprocity a mutual interchange of privileges or favors between two nations, groups, or institutions.
scandalous causing, or likely to cause, a scandal; shocking; disgraceful.
theocracy a form of government in which a god or gods are acknowledged as the ultimate authority.