Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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biennial happening every second year.
genteel displaying traits such as refinement and politeness that are traditionally associated with wealth and education.
grandiose pretentious or pompous.
gubernatorial of or pertaining to the office of governor or to a governor.
inducement something used to persuade someone to a course of action; incentive.
ineffectual incapable of acting effectively.
inept lacking skill or aptitude; incompetent.
neurotic suffering from needless fears and worries.
obsequious showing or tending to show servile obedience or deference; fawning.
overt openly apparent; not concealed. (Cf. covert.)
preempt to seize or appropriate ahead of others.
prodigious inspiring wonder and admiration; marvelous.
raucous loud, sharp, and rasping, as, at times, a bird's call or a human's voice or laugh.
skeptical having or showing doubt; questioning.
venerate to treat or regard with great respect, honor, or reverence.