Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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abstain to choose not to do something.
anarchist a person who believes in, desires, or tries to realize a society or state without a government.
censure to criticize or condemn.
conductive having the ability to allow the passage of electricity
dissolution the annulment or severance of a bond or tie, especially a formal or contractual connection.
equity the quality of being fair and reasonable; fairness.
fanaticism excessive or unreasonable enthusiasm or support for something.
hallow to respect or honor highly; venerate.
idealist a person with high or noble principles, goals, or codes of action.
increment a rise or addition in number or value, often small.
natal of or concerning one's birth.
permeate to pass or diffuse through; penetrate.
Philistine (sometimes lower case) one who is ignorant of, smugly indifferent to, or hostile to aesthetic and cultural values.
rambunctious wildly or uncontrollably active; difficult to control; boisterous.
slur to speak of disparagingly; belittle.