Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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anarchist a person who believes in, desires, or tries to realize a society or state without a government.
dalliance a wasting away of time; loitering; dawdling.
empirical based on or verifiable by experience or experiment, rather than on or by theory.
escalation increase in amount, scope, or intensity.
humility the quality or state of being humble; modesty about one's status or accomplishments.
ideology the body of beliefs, symbols, and political and social aims that characterizes a particular group or institution.
incongruous not suitable or fitting; out of place.
insuperable not able to be conquered or overcome.
limpid perfectly clear; transparent.
miscreant evil or malevolent; villainous.
odoriferous having or spreading a scent, especially a pleasant or fragrant one.
proficient adept or skilled, usually as a result of study or practice.
retrograde moving or tending to move in a backward direction; retreating.
scrutinize to look at closely and carefully, with attention to detail.
stalwart steady and loyal; reliable.