Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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consecrate to commit or devote to some goal or service.
enormity the quality of surpassing moral limits; offensive or disgraceful character.
exuberant vigorously enthusiastic or happy; high-spirited.
inquisitive given to asking and inquiring; eager to learn.
intractable not easily controlled, managed, or persuaded.
irony a manner of using language so that it conveys a different or opposite meaning to that which is literally expressed in the words themselves. Irony is often used as a literary technique, especially to produce humor or pathos.
morose gloomy or sullen.
offhand done without thinking or preparing ahead of time.
promontory a high cliff that sticks out into a large body of water or that rises above an area of lower land.
reciprocity a mutual interchange of privileges or favors between two nations, groups, or institutions.
redress compensation or reparation; amends.
revivalist suited to or aimed at the purpose of bringing back former beliefs, ideas, or practices.
salutary having or intended to have a beneficial effect.
tussle to fight or struggle roughly or energetically; scuffle.
wily cleverly deceitful; tricky; cunning.