Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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commentary a series of explanatory or interpretive remarks or comments.
consolidate to join together into a whole; combine.
grandiloquent speaking or expressed in a pretentious, pompous, or excessively ornate fashion.
hydraulic of, concerning, operated by, or moved by water or another liquid under pressure.
impede to slow or block the movement or progress of; hinder.
insuperable not able to be conquered or overcome.
languor lack of strength or energy; weakness or listlessness.
levity a lack of seriousness; light, humorous, or foolish behavior or attitude.
microcosm a small, complete whole; tiny world.
nomenclature a specialized system or set of names and terms used in a particular science, art, or other field of study or training.
obnoxious offensive or not pleasant.
postulate to assert as something true, especially as a basis for reasoning.
retinue a group of attendants or other employees who accompany a prominent person.
sect any group, especially a religious group such as a denomination, that is united by a common belief, ritual, or the like.
verity the quality or condition of being true or real.