Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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agility the ability to move or think easily and quickly.
analogous similar or corresponding in some particular manner.
cogent convincing, or compelling by virtue of a strong argument or clear presentation.
commensurate of equal measure, as extent or duration.
contraband goods banned by law from being imported or exported.
credo any formulation of belief, especially a religious one.
culvert a man-made channel for drainage or the like that passes under a street or other thoroughfare.
elegy a sorrowful or mournful poem or musical composition, especially a lament for the dead.
incur to become liable for or bring upon oneself (usually some unwanted or harmful consequence).
recession1 a period of reduced or declining economic activity.
recompense payment or action to compensate for the expenditure or loss of time, money, property, or the like.
recourse that which may be turned to for assistance, protection, or a way out of a difficult situation.
shoddy of low quality; poorly made or carried out; shabby.
treatise a detailed and formal written work, usually dealing systematically with a single theme or subject.
vehement intensely emotional; impassioned; heated.