Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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allure to attract by appealing to desires or wishes; tempt.
camaraderie friendship, good humor, and closeness among a group.
concomitant existing or happening at the same time as something else, especially as the less important thing or event; accompanying; attendant.
consonance agreement, correspondence, or harmony.
fledgling a young bird that has just grown flight feathers or learned to fly.
glib speaking or prone to speak easily and fluently, especially in a careless or thoughtless manner, with little concern for the truth.
incision a cut made during surgery.
indiscriminate lacking in judgment and discernment; making no distinctions.
misinterpret to comprehend incorrectly; misunderstand.
monotony tiresome lack of variation.
parable a very short story told to teach a moral or religious lesson.
precept a basic rule, principle, or directive that guides action, moral conduct, or thought.
prescience knowledge of future occurrences; foreknowledge.
regimen a regulated routine of therapy or exercise designed to promote health or fitness.
urbane refined in manner; polished; elegant.