Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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advocate to speak or act in favor of.
demur to object or indicate opposition to something.
impetus something that urges or impels; a driving force.
interim the interval of time between two events.
kindred a group of related people, such as a tribe or clan.
luxuriant growing thickly and in great numbers; lush.
malign to speak badly of or tell harmful lies about.
mote a fine particle of dust; speck.
orator a person who delivers a public speech, or one skilled at formal public speaking.
plaintive showing or expressing sadness or sorrow.
pompous showing an exaggerated sense of own's own importance.
quandary a situation of uncertainty, puzzlement, or hesitation; dilemma.
retard to cause (growth, development, or the like) to be slow or incomplete; stunt.
secretive tending to secrecy.
trepidation a condition of anxiety or dread; alarm.