Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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abasement the act of bringing down or the state of being brought down in rank, status, or reputation.
coercive using threats, intimidation, or force to persuade or pressure someone to do something.
comely pleasing in appearance.
concealment the act of hiding something from sight, or the condition of being hidden from sight.
connive to join secretly in a plot; conspire.
discredit to harm the reputation of.
felicity an instance or condition of great happiness; bliss.
fragmentary consisting of fragments; incomplete or disconnected.
fraudulent characterized by or based on the use of deceit or trickery.
metabolism the processes in plants and animals by which food is changed into energy or used to make cells and tissues.
necessitate to make unavoidable; require.
puerile immature or silly; childish.
rehabilitate to restore to good health or to an otherwise improved state of being.
subpoena in law, a formal written order summoning a witness to give testimony or requiring that specified evidence be submitted.
tenable able to be upheld, affirmed, supported, or defended; logical.