Grades 9-10 (WVI 4)
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acrimonious filled with bitterness or rancor.
complaisance willingness to please.
demagogue a leader, especially a speaker or politician, who attempts to persuade and to gain a following by appealing to the emotions and prejudices of the public, rather than by rational argument.
diffidence reticence; shyness.
facile acting or working in an easy, effortless manner.
inept lacking skill or aptitude; incompetent.
misguide to misdirect or lead astray.
momentous very important.
profiteer a person who gains excessive profits, especially by selling scarce commodities at very high prices.
quorum the number of members that an organization's rules require to attend a meeting in order for voting or other business to take place.
repartee a quick, clever reply; witty retort.
reprieve to release (someone) temporarily or permanently from planned or impending punishment, pain, or difficulty.
serendipity lucky coinciding of events.
tantamount equal to or the same as; equivalent.
vitality exuberance; energy; vigor.