Grades 12+ (WVI 5)
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abstruse difficult to comprehend or understand; esoteric; arcane.
antediluvian hopelessly old-fashioned; primitive; outdated.
bereft deprived or stripped of something.
debouch to advance out of a confined or narrow space such as a canyon into open country.
entreat to beg for something, or to do something.
etiolate to weaken, especially through deprivation of normal development.
exponent one that expounds or interprets.
linguistics (used with a singular verb) the scientific and historical study of the form and structure of human language.
loll to hang down loosely; dangle.
malinger to pretend illness or injury, especially in order to be excused from duty or work.
maverick a person who thinks and behaves independently, especially one who refuses to adhere to the orthodoxy of the group to which he or she belongs.
recessional a piece of music that accompanies the exit of participants in a program or religious ceremony.
risible provoking laughter; laughable or funny.
sere1 dried up or withered.
vouchsafe to grant or give with condescension or as a special favor.