Grades 12+ (WVI 5)
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abide to put up with; stand.
ambidextrous able to use both the left and right hands with equal skill.
constrict to pull or squeeze in; make smaller or more narrow; tighten.
curmudgeon an irritable or ill-tempered person.
engender to create or give rise to.
expatiate to discuss something at great length; describe in great detail.
forbear to keep or abstain from (an action or utterance).
imbroglio a difficult, confused, or complicated situation, often involving a misunderstanding, disagreement, or quarrel.
laureate one honored for achievement in a particular field or by a particular award, especially in the arts or sciences.
liminal of or at the threshold of a physiological or psychological response or change of state.
noisome offensive or disgusting, especially in smell; foul.
parlance manner of speaking or writing, especially word choice; vernacular.
perquisite a payment or benefit in addition to the wages or salary associated with a position.
rodomontade puffed-up boasting or bravado.
syntax the word order or pattern of word order in a sentence.