Grades 12+ (WVI 5)
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animus a feeling or attitude of enmity.
brash rudely self-assertive; bold; impudent.
canny difficult to fool or take advantage of; shrewd; wary; clever.
credulous disposed to believe, especially on scanty evidence; gullible.
epicure a person who has cultivated tastes, as in food or wine; connoisseur.
extralegal not regulated or permitted by law; outside of legal authority.
fledge to grow flight feathers.
frangible easy to break; breakable; fragile.
inquest a legal investigation, usually involving a jury, especially a coroner's investigation of a suspicious death.
insularity the condition of being closed to new ideas or outside influences; narrow-mindedness.
internecine of or pertaining to conflict, discord, or struggle within a group.
inveigle to entice or ensnare by clever talk or flattery.
lorgnette eyeglasses, such as opera glasses, that have a short handle by which one holds them in position.
pleonasm a redundant word, phrase, or expression.
sotto voce in a low voice or undertone, so as not to be overheard; softly (often used as a musical direction).