Grades 12+ (WVI 5)
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adamant unlikely to change in response to any request or argument; firmly decided or fixed; unyielding.
boorish rude; ill-mannered; crude.
castellated constructed with turrets and battlements like a castle.
compunction uneasiness about the propriety or suitability of an action; qualm.
corollary a readily drawn conclusion; deduction or inference.
diurnal occurring or active during, or belonging to, the daytime rather than nighttime.
exceptionable likely to be objected to; objectionable.
glean to gather or discover (facts, information, or the like) a little at a time.
guru in a cult or religious movement, a spiritual guide or leader, sometimes believed to be divine.
incessant never stopping; constant.
incredulous not able to believe something.
lachrymose weeping, tending to weep readily, or being on the point of tears; tearful.
mahatma (sometimes capitalized) in Buddhism and theosophy, any of a class of persons revered for their wisdom and love of humanity.
revetment a facing of stone, masonry, or the like to support or protect a wall, embankment, or mound of earth.
veneration a feeling of great respect; awe; reverence.