Grades 12+ (WVI 5)
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acclivity a rising slope.
bereft deprived or stripped of something.
boudoir a woman's private sitting room or bedroom.
declivity a downward or descending slope.
disquisition a formal, often lengthy, oral or written discussion of a subject.
homily any discourse offering moral advice or admonitions.
idyllic charmingly simple and natural, as a scene or experience; suggestive of peaceful countryside.
minatory presenting a threat; menacing.
misanthrope someone who hates or distrusts humanity.
pelf money or wealth, usually regarded with disapproval or contempt.
perilous causing or involving great danger; risky; hazardous.
pusillanimous shamefully timid; cowardly.
tyro one who is beginning to learn a business, trade, sport, or the like; novice; neophyte.
unadulterated unmixed with or undiluted by additives or extraneous elements; pure; complete.
voluble characterized by a steady flow of words; fluent; talkative.