Grades 12+ (WVI 5)
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aleatory pertaining to or depending on luck, chance, or contingency.
belabor to continue excessive efforts on or excessive discussion of.
convoluted complex; intricate.
expiation the act or the means of making amends, as for a sin or crime.
expound to discuss or explain in detail (usually followed by "on" or "upon").
fixation an obsession, especially one that interferes with normal functioning.
foment to encourage the development of; instigate or foster.
humanism a doctrine or mode of thought that gives highest importance to human dignity, values, potentials, and achievements.
idyllic charmingly simple and natural, as a scene or experience; suggestive of peaceful countryside.
inculcate to cause to accept an idea or value; imbue.
indulgent gratifying, or being inclined to gratify or yield to others' wishes, especially rather than enforcing discipline or strictness.
obscurantism a deliberate lack of clarity or directness of expression, as in certain styles of art or literature.
salvo the firing of guns or other firearms simultaneously or in succession, especially as a salute.
sartorial of or pertaining to tailors or tailored clothing, especially men's clothing.
veneration a feeling of great respect; awe; reverence.