Grades 12+ (WVI 5)
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argot the vocabulary or jargon characteristic of a specific group or class, especially of criminals.
blatant completely obvious or undisguised, sometimes offensively so.
centripetal forced or moving inward toward a center point or axis.
cognoscente someone who has exceptional knowledge in a given area, especially of fashion, literature, or the fine arts; connoisseur.
concur to share the same opinion; agree.
convoluted complex; intricate.
daunt to lessen the determination of; intimidate; discourage.
demulcent an oily or sticky substance used especially to soothe irritation in mucous membranes.
deposition a sworn statement, usually in writing, for use as testimony by an absent witness in a court of law.
expound to discuss or explain in detail (usually followed by "on" or "upon").
harbinger someone or something that signals or foreshadows a later arrival or occurrence; herald; forerunner.
lien a legal claim on a piece of property when the current owner is in default on a debt or obligation.
pinchbeck false, sham, or counterfeit.
plaudit (often plural) an enthusiastic show of approval, such as a round of applause or a very favorable review.
solecism a gross violation of convention in grammar, etiquette, or the like; impropriety.