Grades 12+ (WVI 5)
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cession the act of formally giving up or signing over, as a territory; ceding.
contumacious stubbornly disobedient; insubordinate; rebellious.
deify to raise to the rank of a god; consider to be a god.
effrontery shameless impudence; insolence.
gadfly a persistent critic, especially of established institutions and policies.
inanition a state of exhaustion caused by a lack of nourishment.
inveigle to entice or ensnare by clever talk or flattery.
laudatory expressing praise.
malaise a state or condition of feeling generally unwell, mentally depressed, sluggish, or uneasy.
maverick a person who thinks and behaves independently, especially one who refuses to adhere to the orthodoxy of the group to which he or she belongs.
misanthrope someone who hates or distrusts humanity.
paroxysm a sudden strong outburst of feelings or actions.
pleonasm a redundant word, phrase, or expression.
redoubtable inspiring fear; formidable.
transpose to exchange the position or order of (two things).