Grades 12+ (WVI 5)
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aberration a deviation from what is considered normal or right; irregularity.
antediluvian hopelessly old-fashioned; primitive; outdated.
aplomb great self-confidence, composure, or poise.
apocryphal of dubious authorship or authority.
avow to assert or affirm.
bilge the rounded part of a ship's hull between the bottom and the sides.
deadeye an expert shooter.
declivity a downward or descending slope.
extrinsic not inherent or essential; extraneous.
inadvertent not planned or intended; unintentional.
libertine acting without restraint; dissolute; amoral.
macrocosm a large unit or entity that represents on a large scale one of its smaller components.
pneumatic of, using, or concerning air or other gases.
recidivism chronic return to bad habits, especially criminal relapse.
repose2 to put or place (confidence, hope, or the like) in someone or something.