Grades 12+ (WVI 5)
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abrogate to abolish, repeal, or nullify by authority.
canny difficult to fool or take advantage of; shrewd; wary; clever.
commodious comfortably spacious; roomy.
daunt to lessen the determination of; intimidate; discourage.
disallow to refuse to allow or admit; reject.
electuary a drug mixed with honey, syrup, or the like to form a paste to be smeared on the teeth or gums of a sick animal.
epistemology the branch of philosophy dealing with the origin, nature, and limits of human knowledge.
fixation an obsession, especially one that interferes with normal functioning.
intransigence refusal to alter one's ideas or position in response to the wishes of others.
malaise a state or condition of feeling generally unwell, mentally depressed, sluggish, or uneasy.
malfeasance an illegal act or wrongdoing, especially by a public official.
parlance manner of speaking or writing, especially word choice; vernacular.
pedantic making or characterized by an excessive display of learnedness, or overly insistent on scholarly details and formalities.
plaudit (often plural) an enthusiastic show of approval, such as a round of applause or a very favorable review.
tyro one who is beginning to learn a business, trade, sport, or the like; novice; neophyte.