Grades 12+ (WVI 5)
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academicism in the arts, rigid adherence to accepted and traditional forms.
beatify to admire or exalt as superior.
belie to give a false impression of.
commodious comfortably spacious; roomy.
decedent in law, one who has died.
encomium a formal expression of praise.
extenuate to reduce the magnitude or seriousness of (a fault or offense) by offering partial excuses.
figurehead a person whose title sounds important but who has no real power.
immiscible not able to be mixed or blended.
invidious tending to arouse feelings of resentment or animosity, especially because of a slight; offensive or discriminatory.
jubilate to feel joyful; rejoice; exult.
parturient giving birth or about to give birth; in labor.
pungent sharp and strong in taste or smell.
repine to express or feel unhappiness; complain; fret.
stative in grammar, of or designating a category of verbs that express state or condition.