Grades 12+ (WVI 5)
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attenuate to cause to be thin, rarefied, or fine.
cachet prestige.
consummate of the highest order or degree.
cravat a scarf or band of cloth tied loosely about the neck.
debouch to advance out of a confined or narrow space such as a canyon into open country.
derelict failing to fulfill one's responsibilities or obligations; remiss.
gird to surround, bind, or encircle, as with a belt.
hirsute covered with hair or stiff hairs; hairy or shaggy.
immaculate not dirty; completely clean.
impediment an obstacle or hindrance.
impute to ascribe or attribute to a source or cause.
knurled having small ridges.
panegyric a formal speech or piece of writing devoted to publicly praising a person or thing.
parlous full of dangers or risks; perilous.
stickler one who must observe or conform to something (usually followed by "for").