Grades 12+ (WVI 5)
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conduction the transmission or transfer, as of heat, electrical charges, or nervous impulses, through a medium.
eidetic pertaining to or designating the ability to recall images in almost perfect detail.
exceptionable likely to be objected to; objectionable.
garrulous given to talking excessively.
glut a greater supply or amount than is needed.
impute to ascribe or attribute to a source or cause.
loll to hang down loosely; dangle.
macerate to soften (food or the like) by soaking, as in digestion.
parlous full of dangers or risks; perilous.
pastiche a work of visual art, music, or literature that consists mostly of materials and techniques borrowed from other works, sometimes done as an exercise to learn the technique of others.
recant to withdraw from commitment to (a former position or statement), especially publicly; retract.
sententious using or marked by pompous, high-flown moralizing.
somatic of or pertaining to the body itself; corporeal.
tort in law, any civil rather than criminal harm or injury that violates the implicit duty of each citizen not to harm others, and for which one may bring a civil suit and collect compensation.
tummler an entertainer or social director who encourages participation by guests or audience.