Grades 12+ (WVI 5)
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attune to adjust so as to be harmonious.
belie to give a false impression of.
cachet prestige.
conversant familiar; acquainted; practiced (usually followed by "with" or "in").
daunt to lessen the determination of; intimidate; discourage.
declivity a downward or descending slope.
eidetic pertaining to or designating the ability to recall images in almost perfect detail.
garrulous given to talking excessively.
iatrogenic caused by a physician or medical treatment, especially from drugs or surgery.
incredulous not able to believe something.
inflection change that occurs in the form of words to show a grammatical characteristic such as the tense of a verb, the number of a noun, or the degree of an adjective or adverb.
knurled having small ridges.
liminal of or at the threshold of a physiological or psychological response or change of state.
mirabile dictu (Latin) wonderful to say or relate.
oblique not direct or straightforward in intent, means, or achievement; indirect or devious.