Grades 12+ (WVI 5)
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abysmal of vast extent; unmeasurable; extreme.
apposite fitting; pertinent; appropriate.
atonement the act of making reparation for a sin, crime, error, or the like.
baleful threatening harm; full of malice; ominous.
belabor to continue excessive efforts on or excessive discussion of.
derision mockery or ridicule.
flange a collar or rim that projects from a pipe, housing, or the like to provide strength, stability, or a place for attaching other parts.
gadfly a persistent critic, especially of established institutions and policies.
intelligentsia the elite class of highly learned people within a society, or those who consider themselves part of such a class.
oblivious not conscious or paying attention; unknowing or unaware (usually followed by "to" or "of").
otiose having no purpose or use; unnecessary or futile.
periphrasis an indirect or roundabout way of phrasing something; circumlocution.
salvo the firing of guns or other firearms simultaneously or in succession, especially as a salute.
sequester to remove into protection and isolation; seclude.
welter to roll about or wallow, as in mud or the open sea.