Grades 12+ (WVI 5)
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abrogate to abolish, repeal, or nullify by authority.
antediluvian hopelessly old-fashioned; primitive; outdated.
aplomb great self-confidence, composure, or poise.
askance with distrust or suspicion.
constrict to pull or squeeze in; make smaller or more narrow; tighten.
delectation enjoyment; delight; pleasure.
goad something that spurs a person to action; stimulus.
indemnity insurance against damage, loss, or liability.
luminary a famous, important, or inspirational person.
malfeasance an illegal act or wrongdoing, especially by a public official.
recant to withdraw from commitment to (a former position or statement), especially publicly; retract.
reconnaissance the act or process of examining an area, especially to gain militarily useful information.
shibboleth a slogan, phrase, or belief that characterizes or is held devotedly by a group.
solipsism the self-centered habit of interpreting and judging all things exclusively according to one's own concepts of meaning and value.
somatic of or pertaining to the body itself; corporeal.