Grades 12+ (WVI 5)
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abeyance temporary suspension or cessation.
bathos a sudden descent from an exalted style or esteemed state to the commonplace.
demarcate to set apart or separate, as if with boundaries.
disallow to refuse to allow or admit; reject.
etiolate to weaken, especially through deprivation of normal development.
invidious tending to arouse feelings of resentment or animosity, especially because of a slight; offensive or discriminatory.
lanugo fine, soft hair, especially that with which a human fetus or newborn is covered.
malapropism the humorous or ridiculous misuse of a word, especially by using a word that sounds similar to the correct word, but whose meaning is inappropriate.
neologism a new word, phrase, or usage.
quotidian happening every day or once a day.
revetment a facing of stone, masonry, or the like to support or protect a wall, embankment, or mound of earth.
risible provoking laughter; laughable or funny.
schadenfreude (often capitalized) pleasure derived from the misfortune of others.
topography the shape of the earth's surface across an area or region. The topography of an area includes the size and location of hills and dips in the land.
travesty something so grotesque or inferior as to seem a parody.