Grades 12+ (WVI 5)
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abeyance temporary suspension or cessation.
aggregate a sum, combination, or composite of separable elements.
apposite fitting; pertinent; appropriate.
astringent a substance or drug that contracts body tissue and slows discharge or secretion.
bathos a sudden descent from an exalted style or esteemed state to the commonplace.
cognoscente someone who has exceptional knowledge in a given area, especially of fashion, literature, or the fine arts; connoisseur.
ersatz serving as a substitute, especially when of inferior quality.
loll to hang down loosely; dangle.
lupine2 fierce; greedy.
macrocosm a large unit or entity that represents on a large scale one of its smaller components.
pedagogy the act, process, or profession of teaching.
preferment the act of promoting or being promoted to a higher position or office.
remonstrate to say in opposition, protest, or objection.
stochastic of, or arising from chance or probability.
untoward unexpected and unfortunate.