Grades 12+ (WVI 5)
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argot the vocabulary or jargon characteristic of a specific group or class, especially of criminals.
arrant complete; unmitigated; downright.
commodious comfortably spacious; roomy.
contretemps an embarrassing or unfortunate happening; mishap; mischance.
effrontery shameless impudence; insolence.
expatiate to discuss something at great length; describe in great detail.
exponent one that expounds or interprets.
figurehead a person whose title sounds important but who has no real power.
garble to mix up, distort, or confuse (a message, translation, or the like); cause to be disordered or unintelligible.
gossamer delicately fine, gauzelike, or filmy.
inchoate partially or imperfectly developed.
obtrusive aggressive and self-assertive, or inclined to be so.
otiose having no purpose or use; unnecessary or futile.
savor to give an impression; hint (usually followed by "of").
sotto voce in a low voice or undertone, so as not to be overheard; softly (often used as a musical direction).