Grades 12+ (WVI 5)
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adamantine firmly decided or fixed; unyielding.
alluvium sand, soil, gravel, or the like deposited by moving water, as along a river bed.
appurtenance (plural) equipment or instruments used for a given purpose; gear.
cyst a small pouch within body tissue that is filled with fluid or air. Some cysts are connected with serious disease, but most are not harmful at all.
deadeye an expert shooter.
divergence the act of separating and moving or leading in different directions.
incumbent currently holding an office or position.
jeremiad a long complaint about life or one's situation; lamentation.
lanugo fine, soft hair, especially that with which a human fetus or newborn is covered.
lapidary an expert on or dealer in gemstones.
malinger to pretend illness or injury, especially in order to be excused from duty or work.
malingerer one who pretends to be ill or injured, especially in order to avoid work or duty.
paroxysm a sudden strong outburst of feelings or actions.
plaudit (often plural) an enthusiastic show of approval, such as a round of applause or a very favorable review.
tamp to compress and pack tightly by repeated light taps.