Grades 12+ (WVI 5)
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advert to direct the attention by comment or remark.
arrant complete; unmitigated; downright.
atonement the act of making reparation for a sin, crime, error, or the like.
austere having only what is needed; very simple or plain.
berate to reproach or scold severely.
consternation surprise and alarm, leading to panic, deep disappointment, or total confusion.
disabuse to free (a person) from misconception or deception; set straight.
emote to express or simulate feelings, especially in an exaggerated or theatrical manner.
lapidary an expert on or dealer in gemstones.
neologism a new word, phrase, or usage.
pedagogy the act, process, or profession of teaching.
precursory coming before and serving to indicate what will follow; premonitory.
purvey to supply or provide (especially food, drink, or other provisions).
savor to give an impression; hint (usually followed by "of").
transpose to exchange the position or order of (two things).