Grades 12+ (WVI 5)
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bibulous addicted to alcohol; alcoholic.
cognomen a last name; surname.
deadeye an expert shooter.
derision mockery or ridicule.
distraught mentally or emotionally unbalanced; crazed.
flagitious viciously or shamefully wicked; infamous.
flout to show scorn or contempt for, especially by openly or deliberately disobeying.
guru in a cult or religious movement, a spiritual guide or leader, sometimes believed to be divine.
macrocosm a large unit or entity that represents on a large scale one of its smaller components.
precursory coming before and serving to indicate what will follow; premonitory.
sartorial of or pertaining to tailors or tailored clothing, especially men's clothing.
savor to give an impression; hint (usually followed by "of").
stickler one who must observe or conform to something (usually followed by "for").
uxorious excessively or foolishly devoted to one's wife, and often thereby submissive to her.
vouchsafe to grant or give with condescension or as a special favor.