Grades 12+ (WVI 5)
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animus a feeling or attitude of enmity.
antebellum in or of the period prior to a war, especially the American Civil War.
banal lacking originality or liveliness; disappointingly ordinary; commonplace; trite.
bellicose easily incited to quarrel or fight; belligerent.
convoluted complex; intricate.
deterge to cleanse, wash, or wipe off.
diurnal occurring or active during, or belonging to, the daytime rather than nighttime.
feckless weak or incompetent; ineffective.
gloaming late evening; dusk; twilight.
idiosyncrasy a characteristic of temperament, habit, or physical structure particular to a given individual or group; peculiarity.
intransigence refusal to alter one's ideas or position in response to the wishes of others.
maverick a person who thinks and behaves independently, especially one who refuses to adhere to the orthodoxy of the group to which he or she belongs.
omnibus concerning or including a large collection of things.
solipsism the self-centered habit of interpreting and judging all things exclusively according to one's own concepts of meaning and value.
triage a system of determining priority of medical treatment, on the basis of need, chances of survival, and the like, to victims on a battlefield or in a hospital emergency ward.